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Originally Posted by kzooyoung1
look in front and tell me wat u c
turn quick and boom there go da end of ya life
u niggas think u can take me ima have u sayin im the answer to the game
like A.I.
cuz ill have u hooked up 2 a I.V. in the E R SON
i get dissed everyday comeback the next day with no pain
took 2 shots and just went back wit some glocks (think they made it)
when im on da court im like nash but get more cash
ray charles da blind sensation
wanted 2 be jus like him so i could be good wit da penetration
bitches love my style thats why i always get smiles
jus like Jay top down screamin money aint a thing
im wit da guerilla unit so step back or ima take u threw it
sent 2 to his dome that nigga didnt make it home
i told em this p-jangles he said who p-jangles
so i slapped em in da face put a dik in his mouth
told em turn around he looked like dat F A G E T fukin mickey mouse

anybody else wanna join in its jus 4 fun
is there anything in that verse that you didnt rip off from chamillionaire?
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