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Never thought of it as a genre, but then again the more specific a genre becomes the more likely it has a smaller fan base, and the more likely it is a sub-sub- ... genre, more of a chance I haven't heard of it. I guess its evolution would be: Rock > Punk Rock > Hardcore Punk > Post-Hardcore Punk > Emotive Post-Hardcore aka Emo > Acoustic Emo. By the time you Acoustic Emo the Punk been blanched out of it - seems like.

Unless it is pointed out to me that a band or song is Acoustic Emo I wouldn't have the foggiest. WhateverDude use to play a lot of acoustic Punk in but I don't recall any examples from what he played. So I looked at a list and the first name that I've seen before was this band called Crywank. A band pop up on related videos on YouTube looking for Emo bands - so maybe there is a connection? I guess finding the name a bit weird/cringey made me remember it more.

I don't imagine myself exploring through the genre trying to know more about it.

Crywank - Memento Mori
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