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^ Well, it's clear to me that you know a whole lot about music - and often in some obscure unfashionable corners too. I think that's what appeals to me about your recs.

Originally Posted by Neapolitan View Post

A band I heard before (but never associated being Acoustic Emo) are The Front Bottoms. However I am not sure how Acoustic Emo they are. They might qualify cause they are listed as playing Indie, Folk Punk and Emo, at least they are on Wiki. Maybe they play in a vaguely related style.

The Front Bottoms: Raining
^ A song that starts " It was raining the day they let me out of the hospital" promises to be too emo to be true - but this song really works imo. It's not as OTT as we might imagine from the first line: it's easy on the ear with its poppy "ooh-ooh-ooh", but it still makes a clear statement of individual disaffection. A nice combination.
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