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Depression has a really nasty card up its sleeve. It can make you not want to heal.

In Calcutta, I walked around the slums near that famous bridge. I watched dozens, maybe hundreds, of crippled kids in all different states of disrepair. I figured out something really horrific. These children with crippling disabilities started off with mendable injuries that went untreated. A simple infection that spread out of control, easily treated with antibiotics waiting for paying patients at clinics and hospitals literally within sight. A limp upsets other joints and muscles eventually permanently. No prosthetics and misuse causing the limbs to be eaten away by misuse and time.

I thought my injuries had been properly healed but now I know that the same kind of deformities were growing in my warped mind. A person can overcome adversity but a child canít overcome abuse. 40 years later your brain is just 40 years more warped out.
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