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There are about a dozen reasons why the Beatles broke up. Not only was John with Yoko but you also had Paul and Linda. The Beatles were also in disarray after Brian Epstein died and there was a conflict between Paul and the other three about management. John wanted Allen Klein while Paul wanted his father-in-law. George and Ringo sided with John.

Then, of course, you had the old tried and true musical differences. George was being cut out by John and Paul and ended up recording his choice tracks on his acclaimed All Things Must Pass. Paul and John had their own differences as noted in their solo musical directions. Ringo was more or less an innocent bystander in all of this.

Anyway, the bottom line is it's easy to blame Yoko but that isn't really fair. John could have dated your sister and she would have been blamed. It's always easy to have a scapegoat so why not a Japanese woman seven years John's junior?

Anyway, the answer is no.
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