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No ****, Symphony X wishes they were DT. Well that's why they've been copying DT to death all these years lol.

My top 5 favourite bands:
Angra, cos I like them,
Pagan's Mind, cos I like them,
Circus Maximus, cos I like them,
LTE, cos I like them and...
DT, cos I hate them.

(Shadow Gallery, Adagio and Nevermore tie for sixth)

Maybe I should chuck in SX cos “The Odyssey” ****ing pwns most **** I've heard. But they're not all that consistent, I love five other songs from them: “Candlelight Fantasia”, “A Fool's Paradise,” “Of Sins and Shadows,” “Out of the Ashes” and “Inferno (Unleash the Fire).” The rest are average at best.
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