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Gradual layering, which is what I've been quoted for, is your typical cliché layering where one instrument plays solo for four bars, then it's accompanied by another for four bars, and so on. Other layering is where more and more instruments (e.g orchestral) are adding to the harmony and whatnot at specific places and intervals throughout the track. Just listen to Angra or something, my uneducated lad.

Regarding Voices, skip to the 46th second and count that for me. You'll find it's in 4/8 then 5/8, or 9/8 if you like. In the DT forums, someone mixed up my "Voices" review with "The Silent Man" review.

And 6:00 is in 4/4 mostly yes, but it changes at the 30th second by going into 3/4 then goes back into 4/4 later.
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