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Default Good melodic metal? (no harsh vocals)

Since there's a clear leaning towards people liking the harsher end of the metal spectrum, I thought it would be interesting to know what people like that belongs to the opposite end of the spectrum.

So that means melodic metal and with no harsh vocal styles like growling or shrieking or such.

I imagine people know about a lot more than just Iron Maiden and other such usual suspects.

I'm hoping there will be suggestions for artist who as a whole fit the bill, rather than just the odd melodic excursion from artist who usually have their heads elsewhere.
Basically, I'm looking for non-extreme, harsh-vocal free metal bands to get into.

^Posting this one just because I bumped into it a few days ago and it fits the bill.

^These are just examples of what else it could be.

^This one is a bit of an odd fit. It's not very metal and there's technically a scream, but it's adjacent to metal and very, very melodic and nice and I love it <3

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