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Armored Saint - March of the Saints

Pretty good. Based on this song, I'm not sure if I would love this album, but this is not bad at all. The solo had all sorts of old school cool going for it.

Metal Church - Hanging In The Balance[Full Album]

I know that I've listened to Metal Church albums that I thought were quite good, but this one is sort of half-and-half.
80's heavy metal bands didn't always handle the transition into a more "90's" sensibility super gracefully. This album seems to be an example of that trend.
The cover makes it looks a lot worse than it is, but I'm still not really sold. Like I said, I know better than to judge the band on this album alone.
For the record, I did listen to the whole damn thing.

Armored Saint - Symbol of Salvation[Full Album]

Honestly a little more glam metal in it's vibe than I'd prefer, but I still enjoyed it quite a bit. Good, solid metal!
I like the flamboyant guitar work and twin guitar harmonies a lot. I also liked that the singer had a slighly more "grunge" type of vocal approach than 80's metal bands would usually have.
This is a 90's album for this band and the singer has a noticeable touch of Chris Cornell about his delivery. This helps give the band some character, along with their particular brand
of guitar pyrotechnics.

I'm also getting Tony Martin era Black Sabbath vibes. Mostly due to the voice and singing style of the vocalist (he gets a bit bluesey at times), but also a little bit because of a few
of the vocal melodies. I don't consider this a bad thing. Black Sabbath's "Eternal Idol" was a good album and you need to listen to it again if you think that's crazy talk.

Nerdy side note: One of the tracks starts with a bassline that sounds like a particular track from the soundtrack of the original Wolfenstein 3D game. It was very common for game soundtrack
composers back then to be absolutely shameless in stealing from the artists that they liked and it is also common knowledge that the Doom soundtrack ripped off several tracks from
- among others - Slayer and Morgana Lefay (might be misremembering that last one, but point is there were more metal bands than Slayer being ripped off in that game).
Further bolstering my theory that the Wolfenstein 3D composer ripped off Armored Saint is of course that Armored Saint is metal, from 1991, and Wolfenstein is made by the team that
made Doom... and is from 1992. Not saying I'm right. I'm just saying that it seems quite possible.
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