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I can't say for sure why Ronnie Wood said that, or thought that. He could be mixing up the harmonica with the guitar for the solo instrument? Or he could mixed up which Beatle had the duty of playing lead guitar. People just do that, switch things around or get things backwards all the time. It doesn't really mean much.

John Lennon did the harmonica solo in the beginning of the song. Chains doesn't have the typical one-note "guitar solo," it's all strumming chords as far as I know. Maybe if you want to include playing double-stops as a guitar solo - which I am not entirely certain one of them was playing double-stops on the song. For example Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey is a song where one is strumming chords while the other is playing double-stops.

True, George did most of the Beatles guitar solos, but John was known to help out e.g. I Feel Fine & And Your Bird Can Sing. He also played lead on a few later songs in a style which he called "Primitive guitar."
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