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Kill dem raiders that hang out around westside. Sell their guns and armor ****, and keep all those sweet, sweet drugs for yourself. Don't be afraid to become an addict. All the cool wasters are doing it.

Seriously, drugs are amazing.

Deathclaw? Suck up some jet and inject a needle of psycho into your balls, and then cheese that ****er with a million VATS shots straight to his deathcock.

Both your legs turned into stroganov by a landmine? Pop a hydra, and scuttle around on your bloody stumps like you've got shiny new cheetah feet.

Burdened with too much intelligence? Get ****faced on booze and master the art of the low int response.

Raul the Ghoul silently judging you as you drunkenly stumble into things? Eat a fixer and show that bitch how good you clean up.

Locked out of a cool quest path or dialogue branch 'cause your intelligence and charisma are too low? Chew some mentats and make all those lady raiders sploosh.
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