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Default "No Doctor, I feel fine"...

Well it's pretty interesting and frightening all these drug trials going sour right now. I know of the one over in England where all but 1 person was pretty much crippled and raced to intensive care. I also just heard about the one in Japan in which several people have died.

Is the pay packet worth it? Would you take the risks seriously before taking part?

I've done one before, when I first turned 18, and it was testing a drug concerning oesteoporosis (bone weakness). The risks were clearly stated as a chance of heartburn, stomach ulcers, back pain. Why did I do it? Well first of all there was the fact this drug had already been tested on humans and released in Europe. They had just made a few changes, which is what they really wanted to test. But I knew it must be fairly safe if they'd already set it out on the market. Far safer then an entirely unknown drug. The best thing is the clinic which I volunteered for was absolutely impecable in procedure, things were timed to the second.

The second reason was $3300 for a few weekends work. And thats lasted a long time haha.

What do you reckon? The cash sure is nice.

If you survive.
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