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Koven doesn't have a thread, and now they do.

They are a UK-based melodic dubstep and drum & bass duo consisting of Max Rowat and Katie Boyle. "Wake You Up" is was got them some buzz, but the DC Breaks remix of "More Than You" is what put Koven on my map. They do get borderline poppy at times, particularly in their later work, but generally I feel Koven weaves the balance between melodic tone and heavy basslines, which is the combo of the gods.

Here are some tracks:

>>>"Eternal And You" is by far my favourite<<<

Original version of "More Than You." I think this is Kate Ashton, who was the previous singer that Rowat worked with before Boyle took over full duties.

A few more:

And some remixes:

Other tracks: "Telling,"; "Let It Go."; and "Pessimist" with Memtrix, among others. An example of where they go straight-up pop-sounding is "Get This Right," but I'm hoping that's more of an experimental thing than a sound they want to be full-time. I haven't gone through their discography in its entirety because I'm super bad at listening to albums sometimes, and even more so digital albums. I best get on that.
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