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Default What Is the Best Horror Scene?

Not just good ones. What's the best? For me it's the chest burster scene from Alien.

A. It's the gnarliest thing a horror villain could ever do to you. It didn't just cut you up, eat you like a zombie, or do something really scary to make you scurred. The chest burster grows inside you and uses your body as a weapon against you before slowly eviscerating you from the inside out.

B. It's so ****ing visceral that it defies the concept of horror to just be real like a National Geographic special. We've all heard of wasps that inject their eggs into tarantulas that then devour the tarantula while it's still alive, except this is about people. That's not horror. That's biology.

C. No matter what you think in horror movies embodies Lovecraft there is absolutely nothing that embodies him more than xenomorphs and nothing that embodies the horror of xenomorphs more than chest bursters. Xenomorphs are a space anomaly beyond our comprehension that murder us simply because it is their nature and not because they don't like us. And the chest burster is the ultimate embodiment of an ultra-Earth entity that uses us because we are there to be used in whatever way is the most efficient.

All other horror is self-indulgent and innocuous by comparison.

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