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Seems like we have a thread like this every month. I'll give my two cents. Part of why my activity is less and less is because the only people not concerned with how this forum is run is the admins and the mods. It's been brought up many times how to improve this place but with this being a forum that is run by mods that also break rules, I don't see that improving.

I don't think mods should have the power to outright ban people. At least not permanent. It should have to go through a process with the other mods before a ban hammer is given. Too many times there have been mods that just pull the trigger to get themselves out of an argument. Warnings should also be given out whether it's a repeat offender or not. It'd also be nice if mods didn't play favorites and pick on those that are well known to get offended.

As far as what else they can do? Well, maybe worry about the forum more and less about your reputation and we should be fine. It just seems like those that speak out are met with negative criticism but someone jokes about rape and everyone, mods included, find it funny. Seems backwards.

Also, still don't see how its necessary to have as many mods as we do when the forum is barely active as it is. Doesn't take more than 1 mod to ban a spammer.

This forum can still thrive but the way it's being handled now is a big reason for its dip in activity. Still don't understand Frown still being mod despite multiple people saying he's not fit for it but yet mods have never seen a reason to demod him. Which I still claim is bs but that's another argument for another time.

Short version: forum could use work but usually that means both mods and the regular members need to agree on how to do that otherwise we go in another circle.
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