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Originally Posted by OccultHawk View Post
True. MLS is trendy right now and fun and people are showing out for games. But like compared to football thereís no comparison. Everyone at work knows who won and who lost every top 25 college football game the previous Saturday. On Monday, everyone knows if there were any upsets in the NFL. Just for conversation with a coworker thereís going to be a good chance they donít even know MLS is a thing.

I still think Bat is too dismissive of 50,000 plus fans making it to the games but other countries donít get how sports crazy America is. Iíve compared soccer in Europe to college football in America. The numbers of fans who make it to games consistently in America are much higher than soccer in Europe. If MLS totals 1% of what football is here thatís still huge. Counting high school, college, and NFL and how woven into our cultural fabric football is 1% of that is huge.
Thanks Hawk.

Re: first bit I wouldn't even argue against that because it would be ridiculous. But like you say Charles is being too dismissive.

He gets very anxious and offended by this. I don't know why.
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