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Originally Posted by hobojesus
I'm just going to pick up on this because I had to say something about it when I read it. If you think about it, Elvis inspired so many musicians, that then inspired other musicians, that then inspired other musicians that then inspired the musicians we have today. They probably don't realise it but a large percentage of the musicians we hear today wouldn't be out there if it wasn't for Elvis.
I can't remember who said this, but a previous poster pointed out what I have been saying all along and got his point across much better. The British have taken American music and built on it to make it better, which always made us one step ahead of the game. The Americans are better influences, but in my eyes the British are better at making music. Maybe the tide will change someday and the Yanks will build from the Brits' music, but until that day comes we will always be one step ahead of you.
Iv'e been meaning to comment on this... It never comes down to country. It comes down to the individual. Whether US or UK has better muscians overall is purely coincidental. There is nothing in either culture that necessarily makes one country more apt to create better music although I do think US is more culturally diverse which allows for broader but not necessarily better ranges of music. Also the music you say UK stole fromt he US is music that the US stole from its liberated slaves. Everyone takes something they've already heard and tries to make it better or different. I also don't think UK makes better music right now and that they're desperately looking, whether to their own past bands or ours, for what comes next. Honestly and no offense but I don't think that they have the answer to that question right now.
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