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Originally Posted by windsock View Post
I'm mainly familiar with that interview cause Bowie talks about the Flaming Lips and Grandaddy, but he has masterclass taste when it comes to most everything.

I know you might admonish me for this Francis but I only am familiar with Surfer Rosa as it's the only Pixies album I own. So part of me's glad Moore mentioned that album and not another I don't know
Nah man. I wouldn't fault you even if you hated the pixies. But Moore? Yea he can go suck a dick. They collabed with Kim deal and that sht was awful. Also in their first interview with Nardwuar they treated him like sht. We talking about Nardwuar, That man is a sweetheart! Then when he interviewed Moore again after gaining some cred Moore was all respectful to him. Moore is kind of an ******* sometimes.
"Hey Kids you got to meet the MIGHTY PIXIES!"
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