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Originally Posted by OccultHawk View Post
Frustrated alcoholic marital problems divulging all sorts of super personal ****

Like even like uploading the actual documents of his divorce and **** pictures of everyone in his family / the exact numbers in his bank accounts just anything

Then he would have tantrums over minor disagreements and since he always was having a tantrum a few of us kind of tag teamed using his personal **** against him / then it would be just comedy winding him up into an absolute furious meltdown

He’s actually a good dude - it was mostly his own fault but he got a fair dose of cruel abuse - but he dished it out too

Hopefully he’ll be back after his ban is up

The long and short if it even though he’s in denial- he needs to stop drinking

I think booze is like 75% of his problem
That's a pretty sad story actually. Hope he's doing better now

Originally Posted by Trollheart View Post
You sound like Buffy after they dragged her back from Heaven.
Originally Posted by WWWP View Post
I want to open a school for MB's lost boys and teach them basic coping skills and build up their self esteem and strengthen their emotional intelligence and teach them about vegetables and institutionalized racism and sexism and then they'll all build a bronze statue of me in my honor and my bronzed titties will forever be groped by the grubby paws of you ****ing whiny pathetic white boys.
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