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I don't do marriage and kids. I just don't. Now if I've got a friend who's got kids and is going through some **** and he or she want me to babysit their kids for a bit and they throw me some dinner for it or something like that, then yeah, I'll watch your kids because being a parent is a full time job of its own....but me myself? I don't do marriage and kids.

I really don't even date or believe in the idea of a romantic love anymore, I've totally obliterated all of that false hope from myself and make it a point to not subscribe to it again. I don't think anybody plans to have kids, at least not unless they're highly religious, young, and inexperienced in life. It's just one of those things that happens and people try to deal with it, similarly to the opposite of having a kid: Death, and losing someone you love.

I don't go to weddings, even for friends, because I'm single, but also because to me they're just multicolored funerals and wakes. Just like I kind of have to bite my tongue when someone tells me they're expecting a kid because I want to say: "I'm sorry..." for the inevitable death of their freedom and the struggle to come, but for some damn reason the expected social response is a trite and confusing: "...Congratulations!" So, I just go with what's expected, because I'm not exactly Mr. Socialite anymore than I am Daddy Warmbucks.

I'm an introverted, misanthropic, artist and hobby, I don't really see how the idea of marriage and kids in the modern social senses of the acts could possibly end well for me, so I just avoid it like the plague, basically. I also very rarely touch this subject because of how sensitive people get over it these days, and because I don't really fit into a cookie cutter format of responses for it I usually end up like this in my own head on the subject:
"Like whispers in the dark..."
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