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Originally Posted by Dharma & Greg View Post
So how was putting up the tree with your son?
Well, a hose underneath my kitchen sick exploded. Had to wait around all day for the plumber to put in a new faucet. By the time he was done and I got the mess cleaned up, made dinner, took a shower, put laundry up and my son took a bath and brushed his teeth, it was late, so we decided not to put the tree up. He went back to his mom's today. I'll probably set everything out the night before he comes over next time so that we can put the tree up and decorate it together. Thank you for your genuine interest. I really appreciate it. I'm obviously being sarcastic in response to your trolling. Go choke on a dick.

Originally Posted by OccultHawk View Post
Voluntary sterilization should be rewarded as well for men and women.
That's definitely an interesting concept that I've never considered. Very New World Order / Thousand Points Of Light / Illuminati of you LOL. But, the fact is, we CAN support ALL of the people on this planet, we are just mis-managing our resources.

Originally Posted by OccultHawk View Post
I actually do think it’s reasonable for the man to be able to say I want this baby aborted.
You see, this is the dilemma to which I was referring. A man and a woman get pregnant. If the woman decides to opt out, she can get an abortion. If the man decides to opt out, he gets stuck with a lifetime of monetary enslavement. Even if he terminates his parental rights to the child, he is still on the hook for child support.

Originally Posted by elphenor View Post
men do have vasectomy as an option
Freeze your sperm for when you're ready to be a parent and get a vasectomy. That's probably the best plan that I've heard yet. Good lookin' out homie
Originally Posted by Oriphiel View Post
Merit - "I would never hit a woman. Unless she was acting like a BITCH."
GTFOH. I've never laid a hand on a woman in a bad way in my life, but if a bitch was trying to take my life, you bet your ass she'd catch these hands. If you let political correctness override common sense survival, then you're a dumbass and deserve whatever you get.

Originally Posted by elphenor View Post
the irony that the answer to Merit's problem also makes one no longer a man in his eyes

maybe child support payments are the defining attribute of masculinity
Nice job putting words in my mouth. If you're gonna hate, at least have a little self respect and don't half-ass it.

Originally Posted by Kiiii View Post
Not prepared to have a kid? Dont have one. Usually people make that decision beforehand. with it. Life isn't fair sometimes. My older brother abandoned his son and his family for drugs and jail time and he owes a **** ton of money for child support. I recommend not going that route.
Right. So you don't think he should be alloted the same legal options as the child's mother? If the roles were reversed, she could have aborted it and that would be the end of the discussion. Trust me, I know that what I'm advocating sounds sh!tty, but if we want fair practices under the law and for the law to apply equally to everyone, then we should allot men the same legal right that women have to opt out of parenthood.

Either ban voluntary abortions or give fathers the legal right to opt out. That's the only way to make things fair under the law.

Right now, if a father wants to opt out, the choices are either to force the mother to get an abortion, or a lifetime of monetary payments against his will. Maybe we could save some lives by reducing abortions if we have another option? I guess that putting the child up for adoption is also another way to go.
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