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Random Radio 020: Periodic Table of Tunes 91 - 118

Periodic Table of the Elements in titles.
The final installment of which had some extra challenges
because a few of the most recent elements received
their official names just weeks ago, so finding pieces
with the new names became a little more challenging.
You'll also discover that this batch is a lot more edgier
than the previous ones - with the whole series ending
in quite a bang.

The beginning of this project can be found at Random Radio 005 and
subsequent editions are at 010, 015 with the final batch being right here.

Löschel Skrepek Zrost - Protactinium
Matthew Bourne & Franck Vigroux - Uranium
Autumn of Communion - Neptunium
Theyys - Plutonium
Atomic Bride - Americium 241
Martyn Heyne - Curium
Michael Brückner - Berkelium
Magnétophone - Californium
Forever Einstein - Einsteinium
Autechre - Fermium
Ramorae - Mendelevium
Noxious Emotion - Nobelium
Ehgdae - Lawrencium
Anthony Bernal - Rutherfordium
Aldubb - Dubnium
La Foudre & Frd - Seaborgium: Sg 106 (Solaris Vs Terminator) Broken Mix
Holmium - Bohrium
Grave Architecture - Hassium
MT - Meitnerium
Doukus - Darmstadtium
Janet Kuypers - Roentgenium
Systemerror - Copernicium
Stupid Cosmonaut - Ununtrium (Nihonium)
Unspent - Flerovium (Original Mix)
Calvert - Moscovium
Rompasso - Livermorium (Original Mix)
Don't Bother They're Here - Tennessine
Strelokk - Oganesson
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