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Originally Posted by [MERIT] View Post
Your parents failed you?
I recall a story Donald Trump once told. The story went something like this: when he turned 18 or 21 (forget his exact age) his father gave him a million dollars. But the way Trump told the story he made it sound like his father only given him (Donald) a million (as if his father was obligated to give him more than a million) and he also made it sound like his father just threw him out into the world without a safety net. When Donald Trump tells that story you can hear by the tone of his voice how his father failed him. I am only conveying this to show no matter if you're rich or poor - even if you become president - you're going to feel like your parents failed you.

[MERIT] bottom line: just assume everybody's parents failed them, and then you won't have the inclination to ask such personal questions. idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Actually, I like you a lot, Nea. That's why I treat you like ****. It's the MB way.

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