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Originally Posted by OccultHawk View Post
Exodus should be in the Big Four and Bonded wins by a long shot
Exodus has a lot of mediocre music to answer for tbh but I'd put them over Anthrax for everything but Spreading the Disease. And Bonded by Blood would be a solid contender for a debut but I'd still take Megadeth's debut. Bonded By Blood will always be one of my favorite metal albums ever though. The title track, "And Then There Were None", "Deliver Us to Evil". Paul Baloff is the metal guy I'd never want to be but always wish I could have been born as.

Hot take: no matter what anyone says about Dave Mustaine's vocals he was the absolute greatest by a ****ing mile singer for that period of metal of the early-to mid 80s. After more aggressive metal became a going thing in both thrash and death metal he wasn't so suited but before that when speed metal and thrash metal were still synonyms he was the best and most vicious. It's a specific time period I'm talking about but it's also a very specific sound in metal that's kind of my favorite time period for metal so his vocal performance on Killing Is My Business is possibly my favorite metal vocal performance. That time when metal and rock were JUST about to separate completely.
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