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Smile What Beats and lyrics can touch Tank's (When We)?

So, I ran into this jam on the radio at an establishment I was patronizing a couple months back. It was playing low and I did not have my phone to shazam it so I asked someone who worked there what this incredible jam was... Tank, When We. I rushed home and downloaded it immediately! I have since been trying to find somewhere, some large group of people (Not on that cesspool Facebook) who might help me to identify similarly soul grabbing beats... What I am looking for...

* Relentless head bobbing beat
* Super sexy and passionate lyrics (Indicative of serious passionate love)
* Uncensored
* Not one mention of how much money singer has, how many cars they own, or what a badass they think they are as a result!
* It has to be impossible not to grind the hell out of your head and neck to the beat, a.k.a. get all the way into your soul! lol
* I'm talkin Bedroom Jams on crack! just like "When We"

(Any help is greatly appreciated!)

-God Bless-
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