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^that's a funny coincidence because...

Return of the Obra Dinn

Return of Obra Dinn from my understanding is a first person adventure game focusing on exploration and otherwise. While I have seen virtually nothing about this game other than some images, I have to say that the artwork alone looks impressive. I don't think i've seen any other games go this style with their game, but evidently based on people's experiences with the game, it's definitely worth picking up.

This is sort of what I was talking about with developers putting everything they can to make a rich and original experience, and god damn does this game look as if it just oozes with originality. The developers behind this known as Lucas Pope are also known for creating the rich and original experience of Papers, Please, so to see them go in a different direction is really nice. With this and Papers, Please, these guys definitely know what route they wanna take when making their games. It's really neat to see.

Not entirely surprising, this game also won the award for Best Art Direction at the 2018 Game Awards as well as being nominated for Best Independent Game. Though unsurprisingly again, Celeste took the crown for that award.

I will most likely be picking this game up in the near future as it's been getting on a lot of people's game of the year list, and I really want to see what this game holds. I absolutely fell in love with Papers, Please because of the aesthetic and fun gameplay, and I imagine and hope that Return of the Obra Dinn will have much of the same impact.
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