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Much in the same vein of Jurassic Park World, Frostpunk is a city building strategy game with the aesthetic of futuristic technology, from what I can tell. I have yet to play it and while I was actually legitimately excited for it, I still didn't think I was ready to sink a lot of time into a city builder. However, while it may seem like I'm being a bit silly, Frostpunk may end up being the next game purchase on my list. I've seen streams of it, videos, trailers, etc. I've been looking forward to playing it for a while, and I still really want to play it. Plus, it'll give me a chance to get back into playing on my PC. I've been abandoning it sort of since I got my PS4.

This is one of those situations where just by the general aesthetic alone, the game can sell you on it. Frostpunk brings together what looks like a futuristic world mixed with cyberpunk, and I gotta say, I'm looking forward to dipping my toes into it. I mean, just take a look at this screenshot of someone's base:

That to me just looks exciting.

I definitely have an on again off again relationship with city building style games, but it always reminds me of the days that I played Warcraft III and to this day, still remains as one of my top favorite games of all time. The motivation to expand your city and allies is something that I find particularly exciting in video games. The art of progression etc etc. Most times with these types of games, they either do really well, or they lack a few minor things. But overall, I've never really been disappointed with the genre. And while I know I'm talking about Frostpunk in this months theme, I will also be doing a separate entry once I have some time with the game. As I said, it's probably going to be my next game purchase so this will be one of the games I finally get around to. It's got pretty much everything I'd look for in a game like this, and I hear it does hold up to its hype for those that like this style of game. Luckily I do, so I hope this will be a good experience.
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