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Welcome to MB, mahdo1! A new blues fan is always welcome here. That's a lot of Stones albums you got for Christmas! I usually prefer my blues instrumental so I haven't listened to those albums much, if at all.

I can only contribute to this thread if the word "album" includes mp3, and if "buy" means Download Bits From Youtube. If the answer to both is Yes, then this is my latest acquisition: some tracks from Butterfield Blues Band Live:-

^ This is a great taster of a double album recorded in 1970, and it reinforces my poorly-researched opinion that PBBB showed their blues chops best when they were playing live - which can prob be said of Fleetwood Mac too. I see you have a live Fleetwood M album on your list, so I'd like to mention their 3-disc Live At The Boston Tea Party album, which has two 20-min versions of Rattlesnake Shake and which I also "bought" a while back.
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