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Default Gave you all my money...go get some more

Hi. About 2 months ago I was listening to a KBOO [Portland Oregon] show called Blue Monday and heard part of a song--the male singer sang something like "I gave you all my money. What more you want me do?" and then a female chorus (2 or 3 voices) chimed in "Go get some mo', go get some mo', go get some mo'."
That is how I remember it at least.
I had to pull over I was laughing so hard. Not that often a blues song makes me bust out laughing like that.
Since then I've tried and tried to find the song/artist/record--any info--but keep coming up blank.
If anyone recognizes this, please PLEASE email me any info you can--feel free to email me directly at .
You will make me so happy!
Thank you so much.
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