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Let's Talk About...Minecraft! (PS4 Edition)

Prior to getting Minecraft for PS4, it had been several years before I had even played a little bit of this game, and to go back years later is truly a magnificent thing. Back when the game came out, it had come out on PC, in its early alpha stages. Everything was still new and people were wondering what a developer could do with an open world filled with blocks. Well, people started getting created, and years later, the game basically completed itself. It's hard to believe how far Minecraft has come and it's honestly not too hard to believe how popular it's managed to stay. I would have definitely played it sooner but I just don't have the motivation to do it. But ever since I started playing it again on someone else's PS4, I figured I'd get it for myself.

While the core gameplay of Minecraft hasn't really changed much i.e. collecting blocks, crafting, mining etc, playing it on a console is so much more interesting because you can just sit back, enjoy the music, and play the game. That's always what I've appreciated about Minecraft is that it's a very mellow game despite the mobs constantly blowing up your base etc etc. But that's what makes it fun. The difficulty curve adds a little something to the game so that you're not just sitting there bored hoping for something crazy to happen. Minecraft has the nearly perfect combination of difficulty and fun. And with additional mods, skins, etc, it's constantly getting more and more exciting.

There is one thing I tend to worry about when games go on as long as Minecraft has, and it attributes to the fact that eventually the game will become stale, boring, and monotonous. Unsurprisingly, the devs probably kenw that, and they've allowed over the years for people to make their own things in the game, and some of them were even implemented. New mobs, new blocks, harder mods, harder to find blocks. It all wraps up into one beautiful gift of a world full of endless possibilities. I've always respected Minecraft as being at the forefront of what made open world games truly remarkable.

As I said, I have been playing the PS4 version. It's great. I don't really see much hindrance from switching to a controller. It is taking some getting used to, but I haven't met any situation where I felt it would be better handled with a keyboard and mouse. I'll admit, I miss the quick movement with keyboard and mouse, but the game is so much fun that it really doesn't matter in the end. I put about 5 or 6 hours into it yesterday and I'm planning to do more today. I've built a pretty cool base with a waterfall and a mine shaft that can be entered through either my house, or the little shop next to my house. I'd put screenshots but they're on my phone so you'll have to wait. I highly recommend any of the console version to be honest, especially if you're looking for a very relaxed experience mixed with what you probably already know from Minecraft.

At the end of the day, despite it being criticized for being very samey and monotonous, Minecraft has definitely stood the test of time, and with that it's also improved significantly from when it released prior. I legitimately enjoy looking at creations of other people because the contraptions and buildings that can be made in this game is insurmountable. I've seen castles, full villages, etc etc. It's also pieces of art. And that's pretty funny that I say that because honestly, Minecraft is the canvas, and you are the artist. Goes back to what I've always said about games being works of art. Well, you can basically make your own piece of art inside of a piece of art. Crazy!

Yeah, basically I'm enjoying my time, and I'm shocked I didn't pick up Minecraft years ago. I had played it years and years ago when it first came out, but the console version is a completely different beast. A fun one at that.

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