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Originally Posted by Karengirl View Post
and Frownland. (I don't know how to insert more than 1 quote)

It's both and people are, generally, impatient. That can be their loss, b/c there's lots of great songs on albums which were not singles. I know someone who doesn't like compilations, or best of's for that reason - it's collections of singles and feels that you do miss out by not having an lp/cd of a release in its' entirety. Many musicians put out releases which contain all good tracks, i.e. Depeche Mode, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club...a great example is by an underrated 90s hip-hop artist, Imani Coppola lp Chupacabra (I'll put it here), Pink Floyd; there are examples from every decade, every category. Another is the classic jazz/r&b/blue-eyed soul album: Boz Scaggs Silk Degrees.

Thank you very much Karengirl,you have a good understanding of music.
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