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WWWP Makes You a Playlist - Windsock

(click image for playlist link)
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Dre Dog - Smoke Dope and Rap
The New Jim Jones (1993)

cLOUDDEAD - Rifle Eyes
Ten (2004)

Odd Nosdam - KILL TONE

Gangg Star - Above the Clouds
Moment of Truth (1998)

The Roots - Kool On
Undun (2011)

Grayskul - Prom Quiz
Deadlivers (2005)

Sage Francis - Sea Lion
A Healthy Distrust (2005)

Baths - Miasma Sky
Obsidian (2013)

wwwp makes you a playlist pt. 1
wwwp makes you a playlist pt. 2

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I know what real life is, I've been living in it for well over a decade
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