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Originally Posted by Karengirl View Post
Hey Smithdude,

I misspoke. Band name is actually Camouflage, lp is Sensor. That's 1st recommendation of their releases. 2nd would be Greyscale. I also made a post on the D.M. poll thread to direct anybody interested to this D.M. thread you started.

There's also a compilation, but it's from an earlier period, and they had a new release in '18-I haven't given a listen to either. I included a music clip on the D.M. poll thread of song chosen at random from Sensor. (I can't pull up whole lp, as some are disabled in my Country). This one's @ random from Greyscale and I'll add one from band, White Lies, who you also may like, being a D.M. fan. They're darker on 1st 2 albums: To Lose My Life and Ritual, then go lighter on the following 2. Their newest, Five, is due out in Feburary. This one's from To Lose My Life. I'd posted, I think, the title track on another thread (don't remember which! I guess you could find it from my name & posts). Please let me know your thoughts on both bands.
Camouflage is the only band to ever come remotely close to Depeche Mode's sound. "The Great Commandment" is such an awesome song.

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