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Originally Posted by Sebster17
"Snake River Conspiracy is the creation of Jason Slater, formerly of Third Eye Blind, in an attempt to concoct the most intense, extreme, and offensive rock music possible.
That's a pretty lame-ass reason to start a band.

lol w3re s0 hrdxCor3 2 bad our s0ngz hav no m3en1ng r anyth1n roFL.
Lock to field screen, row the ocean onto sentient ground.
New rites of a Vedic sun to attend the blue horizon.
Prevails flight resplendent, sails the shrine effulgent windship.
Stillness breathes apex supreme - I walk toward the mountain.

Crowns the sovereic rite to freedom.
Shored the origin forms to a ground accede.
Axiom core of the light shrine flight to shining.
Glows serene to attenuate the space and time.
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