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Smile I give up, need help with trance song

For over 2 years I search and search but I can't find a specific song. Let's go back a little bit with my story. I tried to recreate my playlist with trance music that I had it in the year 2010 . At that time I used to download tons of trance music from 2000 to 2010 and listen to them while deleting and moving in specific folder the ones good and those less good, while after that I used to do another deep listening, until I managed from thousands of songs to not even 50, you could say I" forged" a very brilliant playlist for my ears. I must say, I skiped school alot in those days so no wonder I had lots of time to do that. So I managed to find probably 80% of them now. But there was one song that I don't find, very lost in the past, but I remember just a piece of it. The name was "eternity" and some last 2 lines of lyrics were somehow like: "I don't know where we went so wrong", something something blank in my head, then another line "But I wait for you an eternityyyy" or so continuing with the "y" on the rithm of the music. The end was so deep that no wonder I remember that. Also the song is female trance vocal, no guy voice. Does anyone knows or has an ideea of what the song could be? Even tho I said I know the name of the song, doesn't look like it to be found on youtube nor google itself.
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