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Thanks Frownland,
The instrument was equipped with A'ddario EXP16 .012 to .053 coated PB "Light" strings.
I have ordered several sets of A'ddario EJ16 .011 to .052 PB "Custom Light" strings.
I expect very little difference between the types, and will probably go back to the original strings when new ones are bought again.

The straight edge, and the action and radius gauges have been shipped.
They will arrive later this week.
I should be able to begin soon, but may need to wait on a few other things to arrive.
I'm hoping the slightly smaller strings will relieve some of the hang-up while tuning.

More questions:
In looking at a few setup instructions for acoustics, I notice that they use a flat, straight edge.
Many notched straight edged for guitars are offered online.
String action is measured from the top of the frets, not the fret board.
I see a need for a flat rather than notched straight edge on as new instrument.

I'm given to understand that humidity levels for a guitar should be about 40-50% RH.
I'm in Hawai'i on the lewardside where humidity varies very consistently , every day 60-100%.
Ways to deal with the local humidity?
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