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Default Not quite about sploshing.

Originally Posted by mosesandtherubberducky
That or the sexual fettish of sploshing. It is where you throw foods that shouldn't go togther at your partner's crotch. Spells great fun (not reccomended by me)
I've started writing a lyric stemming from this idea. The music I have (already done the chords, rhythm and melody or guitar) is fast but fluid and the tune is good, so I'm not going to write about sploshing itself as that would work better as a direct comedy song, with more abrupt music. I'm going for the more general theme of eating food off of somebody. Trying to get in some cannibalist undercurrents too , but put across with the right subtlety, so that people might think they're imagining the cannibalistic bit...

I'm working backwards from the chorus, so I have the bridge and chorus, but no verse and will wait until I try it with the band to write a mid-section.


I'm hungry for your touch
I can't wait another minute
We know what's going down

My tongue upon your flesh
Upon your mouth, I want to be in it
Want to feel the flavour that abounds

Midnight meetings taste so good
When you’re covered in food
Maybe its undignified
But I just want to be stir-fried

Midnight meetings taste so good
When you're covered in food
Don’t let hunger madden us
I’m ravenous tonight

Should I lick?
Or should I bite?
I feel ravenous tonight

Should I wear a napkin
Just to be polite?
I feel ravenous tonight


My own apple of discord
Should I taste aphrodite?
I feel ravenous tonight

(Is this reference too obscure and will anybody get peeved by pronouncing it 'Aphro-dyt', rather than 'Aphro-dit-ee?)
To douse you in syrup?
Angel delight?
I feel ravenous tonight

I'm a vegatarian
But carry on in spite
I feel ravenous tonight

I'm gonna wear a napkin
Just to be polite
I feel ravenous tonight

At root I'm just a carnivore
Though I may seem erudite
I feel ravenous tonight


What do you think so far? I'll update it as I'm writing it.

Please let me know what you think though! You can influence my song while its being written!!
Originally Posted by Katyppfan View Post
When Pete plays it is 100% live , your music if that's what you call it doesn't sound so good either? so you can't really critercize can you ?
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