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Default Image over music

even bands who had 'no image' had an image. not having an image was their image.

Kurt Cobains ripped jeans and flannel shirt was as much of a costume as anything Gene Simmons wears.
I don't say this to diss Kurt, as I am a fan of his music, but too many of his fans think there was no image or no fame seeking involved on their part, when they carefully crafted an image and sold it just like every other successful band.

So many people say Kurt didnt want to be famous and hated the whole idea. Ya, some guy from geffen threw a dart on map and then knocked on Kurt's door in Aberdeen and said we picked YOU!!!! Get real. Kurt studied it and made his move and worked HIS ASS OFF to get famous. He wanted the fame then acted like he never wanted it, which is a total lie - he worked way to hard in an attempt to get fame for that to have one iota of truth to it. And that is basically the image he crafted for himself. The ripped jeans and flannell were everybit a costume as anything KISS wears.

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