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Originally Posted by Psy-Fi View Post
It still seems a bit eerie to me when someone necro-bumps an old thread and I see a post from the late, great, Howard the Duck.
^ Yes, it's strange. He was a nice guy, beset with troubles, who died very young. But in cyberspace, everybody's words live's unprecedented in human history.
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Nice "Are you a bot?" test, Plankton! Unfortunately I failed as I was sure the dog in the central photo was actually Bob Weir! Luckily, though, I still have access to that essential Dead album: American Beauty. More than most bands, they got it so right on just one album that nothing in their discography comes close imo.

Although there is of course the legendary Dark Star, and any aspiring Dead Head should be able, not only to pass Plankton's test, but also to answer these questions without recourse to the link below which has the answers:-

When did G Dead first play Dark Star in concert?
How many artists have covered Dark Star live?
Which band has played Dark Star more times than G Dead have?
How many total times has Dark Star been performed by any artist, ever?
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