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Default Sts9 1320 podcast autumn 09

Hey guys ive been very diligently looking for this podcast by sts9 and cant find it anywhere. Its called 1320 podcast autumn 09. have it downloaded on an old ipod video but cant find it anywhere. I really really miss this podcast its fantastic. Ive tried every streaming service on the net and cant find it anywhere. Everywhere it is listed it wont play. I have even gone so far as to contact iheart radio because it is on their platform and they dont know what is wrong with their files. Its almost like this great podcast has been deleted from the enitre internet and i cant seem to find it anywhere. If anyone has any info I'm all ears. If anyone has it downloaded I would be willing to buy it. Please let me know i am all ears at this point. Thanks guys this is always a great community of music lovers and if you havent heard this podcast and can somehow get your hands on it give it a listen its fantastic.
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