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Default the velvet underground and Nico

I like this album but it is not for everyone, its very different, and the screeching violin that john cale plays is not to be taken lightly by a new listener if u are new then get whiteheat/ white light much easier to get into.
mikeyds album score 10/10

Sunday Morning, good track, one of the softest on the screeching violin or anything very subtle start to a not so subtle album 8/10

Im waitin for the man: very good track, still a little soft, but fast paced with good hooks its either about drug deals or gahye sex 9/10

femme fatale: another semi soft track, this one is odd cause its got nico singing it, but the music and lyrics are good, its about a heart breaker. 7/10

Venus in Furs: this song is the best song on the album, absolutley great, great sound, great feel surreal lyrics, and atmosphere 10/10

Run Run Run: an allright track, kinda get repetive but w/e good music 9/10

All tommorows partys: anothe one by Nico, def not fave song, its skippable but the musics good 6/10

Heroin: o my god this is a great song... the music just goes with the flow soundsjust what a heroin break down would sound like lovly lovely piece 10/10

there she goes again: god godd kinda filler but sounds like a prelude to here she comes now on the white light album....7/10

Ill be your mirror: aight another nico song the last one thank god, its all good though good music allright lyrics repetive unfortunatley 7/10

The black angels death song: aiiyte this one is def not for everyone but i like it, aiiyte this has a lot of noise just noise...violin screeches, but awesome lyrics and mood 10/10

eurpeon son: mainly instramental(purposfully mispelled) good avant garde music...lyrics cool 9/10
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