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i think this album is stunning to be honest. considering at the time this album was made society was in the clutches of the easy-going, san franscisco hippie idealisms, its no wonder this album went unoticed on its release. it is ultimately a complete antithesis to everything the sixties stands for, though ironically it does use psychedelic chord progressions heavily throughout. john cale's manic, screetching use of the viola makes the atmosphere at times unbearable, lou reeds lyrics are dark yet in a very odd way endearing, while the rythmn section is sometimes non-existant yet other times immense, though its simplicity just adds to the originality. warhols production of this album is to be fair quite poor. yet its defficiencies make the album what it is. raw, edgy, unnerving and brilliant.

my personal rating - 9/10

speaking of cale, im soon going to write a review on the stooges debut.
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