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Originally Posted by Trollheart View Post
Everyone keeps saying this forum is dying/dead, and we all know what the lifeblood of forums is, don't we? What? No don't be silly - debate and conversation! As if! No no no! The true lifeblood of music forums is spitefully tearing into each other's favourite bands of course!

Our newest member did a great job getting us all at each other's throats with the Pink Floyd thread, so here's one just for her!

So why does "God" suck? Discuss.

The only way this thread could get worse, it's by changing its name to: What sucks about this artist: The Beatles Edition
By the way, just in case you think that I opened the Pink Floyd thread, I didn't, it had been there for ages, and I posted a reply to defend my 2nd or 3rd favourite band!

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