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Default help finding this famous song from the 70s/80s! (I'm sure many of you know it!)

Hi, I listened to a song on the radio about 2 years ago, but I didn't understand what did it say so I couldn't find it. I only remember some lyrics saying something like: "oh no baby please don't go" or "oh baby baby please don't go"
I've searched it but I've only found an old Van Morrison song from the 60s.
I remember it was sang by a male voice (a little bit familiar to me but i'm not sure), it was a sort of sad pop song, typical from the late 70s or early 80s. I'm sure it was really famous! If it comes on the radio again I'm sure I'm gonna be able to find it, but I didn't understand English very well before!
If you think you know the song, please tell me!
EDIT: I think there was no electric guitar on the song. It was also in a movie about a war, and some soldiers were listening to it in a car, I watched that part of the movie a very long time ago. Won't you please please help me!

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