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Great goal scored by Louie. Against Liverpool! He'll remember that forever.

Pretty wild though the way clubs are just shrugging and saying "this and that player is out because of Covid." Don't they realise how dangerous/deadly this virus is? It's not like the player(s) has/have a cold or an achilles or a hamstring: theoretically they could die. Don't they care? But they're treating it as if it's nothing. Managers still not masking up, and only now are they talking about social distancing on the field, instead of, you know, a load of maskless people piling on top of each other! And then Pep says "well I don't know if you can take the emotional aspect out of it...!" YOU STUPID ****ER! YOUR PLAYERS COULD DIE AND YOU'RE WORRIED ABOUT THEM EXPRESSING THEMSELVES? We all learned to change our behaviour, but your incredibly overpaid football superstars can't? Jesus storming the Capitol and getting shot cos he's black!
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