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Julie London
Julie is Her Name

You're in a damp underground bar/club and some dame gets up on stage and it gets quiet and dark and this woman slowly stares into your eyes and sings "Cry Me a River". That's the stuff right there.

Julie London wasn't the most exciting singer during the 50's but neither was Chet Baker but they had this sad silky dreamy aura about them whenever they performed.

Not much instrumentation on here besides Barney Kessell lightly creating mood in the background. I like this record because it takes me to that dark basement and let's me imagine buying Julie a drink afterward.


Dexter Gordon
Dexter Blows Hot and Cool

Another "cool" record which I guess was the theme of the mid 50's. Chill the f*ck out son. Ironically featuring another rendition of "Cry Me a River". This version is more buttery than London's smokey take. Nearly every take on this record features Carl Perkins in the background laying down some keys and Gordon plays over them beautifully. Album swings hard too like on tracks "Blowin' for Dootsie" and "Bonna Rue". His sax always sounds so, well, saxy.

Early record for the soon to be legend. Amazing album cover too.


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