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Originally Posted by Eleanor Rigby 14 View Post
No, it isn't, it makes studying a bit more fun. I specially listen to music while we're doing online lessons (which are a total bore). Also, almost every interesting place here is closed due to the COVID problem, so I can't even go to a library and buy a book. And that's why I have a lot of time to listen to music.
By the way, I know this doesn't have much to do with the topic, but I thought people could call someone "dude" when he's a boy and that it didn't refer to girls. I have an important B2 English exam next year, so let me know please
What Bat said, although I don't think the correct use of the word "dude" will come up at all in your exam.

I'm sure you'll ace the the test. Your English is fantastic, especially for 14 and being Spanish who (in my experience) are NOT very good at languages. How did you learn it?
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