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thanx for your criticism Hobo . The advice i can give you is (which i gave to a song-writing friend and hadn't been following it myself until a friend reminded me!):

1. Write down your ideas even in a narrative form.
2. Write your first draft of a song.
3. Rewrite it taking into consideration of how other people would interpet it.
4. Show it to your close friends and family and get their opinion. If they have advice for you, or have trouble understanding it, polish your song even further.
5. Show it to them again, until they're happy bunnies!
6. And then show it to us on the forum.

Even rewrite songs that have a strong theme and have potiential for success. Throw away weaker songs if necessary. And always remember when
writing a song, writing it will actually be 40% of your efforts; the remaining 60% goes towards rewriting.
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