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Originally Posted by Tristan_Geoff View Post
You have to name your favorite album followed by

David Bowie - Low

favorite forum moment followed by

When Batlord reviewed my album For Now and liked it even though he’ll never admit it

favorite thread evar followed by

Spill Your Guts plz come back

your favorite music banter member followed by the question:

I can’t pick, even the people I have fun beefs with are irreplaceable.

why have you not joined the discord yet? followed by

I have god damn it

your favorite iteration of saturday 6 pack followed by

I only recently started caring about that thread i dunno

your favorite emoji on the sidebar followed by

best remembered year of music banter followed by

Probably like 2016 when activity was higher and dudes like Mondo were active

why did you come here followed by how often do you visit music banter a day followed by

I like music

what you think could improve music banter followed by

Making YorkeDaddy a mod

your favorite joke you've heard on music banter followed by

Nothing in particular comes to mind, probably some Batlord zinger

your favorite banned user followed by your

I can definitely say my least favorite banned user is jwb

favorite shout you've read followed by

Not even sure what this means lmao

a thorough list of your medical data

I have giantdickitis
I did it

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Originally Posted by The Batlord View Post
On this one your voice is kind of weird but really intense and awesome
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