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Originally Posted by Frownland View Post
You shouldn't deprive us of your genius, especially if it'd be so easy.
Did I do something to you at some point? You always seem to unnecessarily hostile, even when there's really no reason.

For example, I think most people reading:

Originally Posted by TheBig3 View Post
Yeah same. I honestly feel like a real outlier when it comes to electronic music in general because it sounds like if you do anything with less than 118 BPM everyone loses their mind. Same thing with the last few Nick Cave records. Like, what is this ****? If I play notes, hold them over other random electronic noises, suddenly I'm a genius.

I'm happy to sit this zeitgeist out.
Would understand that I wasn't implying I was a genius. But you still read it the way that allowed you to take a swipe at me. Even on a topic that, given your previous comment, would probably be inclined to agree with me.

So what's the issue?
Originally Posted by rostasi View Post
Also, the bone flute came from cave bears.
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